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Professional Dog Walking Services

All of us want to provide the best care possible for our dogs and since our lifestyles get busier and busier, many dogs spend an inordinate amount of time stuck in the house while their owners work long hours and aren’t able to get home in the middle of their work day to exercise them. We can customize a dog walking routine that suits your particular schedule, whether you work 9 to 5 or twelve hour overnight shifts. Many dogs will become destructive due to long hours of boredom and our walks will help break up their day and provide them with much needed exercise, mental stimulation, engagement and potty breaks.

Why Use A Professional Dog Walker?

Benefits for your pet:

  • Your pet follows a consistent daily routine.
  • Your pet remains in his/her familiar, safe environment which helps eliminate stress.
  • Your pet gets a break to relieve him/herself, gets exercise and mental stimulation and burns off excess energy. A tired pet is a well behaved pet.
  • Your pet receives personalized, individual attention by a dedicated professional.
  • A mid-day walk is the perfect way to reinforce crate training efforts.

Benefits for you:

  • You can be away from home or at work with the peace of mind that your pets and your home are being cared for by a professional.
  • You don’t have to impose on friends, neighbors or relatives who may forget to care for your pet. Sure, you can have the well intentioned neighbor stop by or hire the kid down the street, but the old adage is still true: You get what you pay for. What you’re actually investing in is peace of mind. We are dedicated, full-time professionals who handle emergencies and a wide variety of unusual situations every day.
  • We have over 20 years experience handling and caring for companion animals and we’re available to our clients to help educate and and advise how to troubleshoot problematic behaviors and create a healthy, balanced relationship with your pet.
  • You can create any walking schedule you need to suit your lifestyle or work demands.
  • You are not inconvenienced with taking your pet to another location.
  • Your pet is not exposed to the illnesses and potentially dangerous behaviors of other dogs.
  • Once you’re a client we can accommodate last minute requests and if you get stuck in traffic or have to work late give us a call and we can most likely be at your house walking your dog within one hour.
  • We are dedicated professionals. We provide service 24/7, 365 days a year. This is our profession.

How Does The Dog Walking Service Work?

What do we do during each visit?

  • We keep your pet on a consistent routine that meets the demands of your lifestyle and your pets’ needs.
  • We walk your pet for up to 30 minutes, depending upon their particular needs, and spend quality one-on-one time with them.
  • We can administer medications, supplements and special diets, if applicable.
  • We’re experts in pet behavior and advise our clients on how to resolve any behavioral or medical issues we find.
  • We bring our own professional equipment because the safety of your pet is our top priority.
  • We don’t walk your dog with other dogs. Our attention is focused on one client at a time. Yours.
  • We leave a daily communication record so that you know what happened during each visit.
How to Get Started

  • Please familiarize yourself with our policies.
  • Call us at 410.337.7387 or use our online form to submit a request for service. We will contact you to set up an initial meeting so we can meet you and your pets. The initial meeting lasts about 30 minutes and we document all the information we need about your pets and their environment to properly care for them. Please be sure to have the following prepared for our meeting:
  1. Contact and emergency telephone numbers.
  2. Behavioral information and medical history of your pet including medication administration, allergies, etc.
  3. Alarm codes, electronic gate cards, and parking garage entry cards (if applicable).
  4. Two sets of house keys (we like to be prepared).

A Service Agreement will be signed at the end of the interview and a credit card number is obtained at that time. We bill weekly dog walk clients on the 15th and last day of each month, email the invoice to you and then charge the card a few days later so that you have plenty of time to review it and have a copy for your records. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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