How to Prepare for (Us) Your Pet Sitter

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Our goal is to help you travel with peace of mind when you’re away from home on vacation or a business trip. To help us properly care for your pets and your home, here are a few things we need to know to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

    Tell us if your pets are now on any new supplements, nutraceuticals or medications. This is especially important if your pets are not very receptive to taking medication or if the new medication is critical to their health. This is PARAMOUNT if this involves a cat with a critical new medication routine.
    Please make sure we can find all food, supplies, treats and especially medications (if applicable).
    Please advise if your pets have developed any unusual behaviors and/or health issues since our last meeting or conversation.
    Let us know if your pets’ diet has changed or has a new dietary restriction.
    Please advise in advance if you have changed locks and/or alarm codes so we have an opportunity to obtain new keys and review the alarm with you.
    Please be sure we have keys to all new doors. For example, since our initial meeting some people have added new lockable storm doors then begin a routine of locking them and forget to give us a key.
    Let us know if any areas of your home are now off limits to your pets. If we find doors closed, we will keep them closed.
    Tell us if there are any mechanical or other odd issues with your home that we need to keep an eye on. Years ago I asked that question during a new client meeting and she told me there was a ghost that lived upstairs. Rarely at a loss for words, I had no reply.

Please let us know flight numbers, if applicable, so we can track if you’re delayed and we can plan to continue care for your pets.

Please advise if your return date is flexible so we can plan to extend your pets’ care if needed.

We’ll leave a reminder card and please call us when you return so we know your pets are under your care.

    Make sure doors and windows are locked.
    Make sure gates and fences are secure if your dog has access to a yard.
    Pickup any small toys that could be a choking hazard for your pets.
    If your dog is a counter surfer please make sure anything potentially dangerous is moved out of reach (medications, foods like grapes and chocolate, etc.).
    Notify any neighbors who look out for you that we will be visiting your home and even late at night if we’re caring for a dog.
    Please notify us if anyone else may be entering your home or is allowed on the property during your absence (family, friends, neighbors, contractors).
    We urge our clients NOT to stop mail, newspapers or packages as this alerts others that you’ll be away, plus we’ll be there anyway and will be happy to bring all those things inside.
    Please turn off or unplug potentially dangerous appliances (irons, stoves, coffee makers, etc.).

By keeping us up to date with these types of changes we can make your pets’ experience and your time away from home a very seamless and pleasant one.

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